Our building is open to all for groups or gatherings. Our playground is open to all for play and fun. Our garden is open to all for prayer and rest. In this COVID world, our Sanctuary is cautiously open for in-person worship with masks.  Allow us to host your next meeting, class, or group at PCC.  Contact the church office for availability.



Throughout our lives, the church ministers to our needs. We are baptized in the church, nurtured by its’ teaching, and find fulfillment in service to its’ mission. If the church has been the center of one’s life, then it is fitting that one closes the circle by having one’s remains interred as near as possible to the place of worship. The Garden is a place for those who love this church and have a sense of closeness to it, which they would like to preserve even after death.

The Garden provides a planned space of beauty and serenity:
• for the use of church members, corporately and individually,
• for meditation and prayer,
• and for the disposition of the cremated remains of loved ones.

Access to The Garden is from the Sanctuary, the Fellowship Hall, or the driveway at the rear of the church.

Please contact the church office for more detailed information.



Our fenced-in, gated playground is open to the community for fun and adventure! Caregivers may relax on a shady bench seat while little ones share their energy in a safe and fun environment.  The playground is closed from dusk to dawn for safety. Caregivers are responsible for safety.