Social Events for Adults

Join us for an afternoon or evening and make new friends. Potluck meals, game and craft nights, group trips to local performing arts events, and of course, small group studies are open to the public. Break bread with us, or host your meetup here at PCC.

Small Groups

The Presbyterian Church of Chestertown is devoted to nurturing and growing the mustard seed of faith in all of us.  Nurture and tend your faith garden through small-group learning with traditional bible studies, contemporary book studies, and current cultural conversations. Small groups are held weekly, monthly, daytime, and evenings and are led by the pastors and others.  Contact the office to join the conversation or to start a new group.


Interpretations Bible Study: Psalms

The Psalms speak to the depths of human experience, provoking words and images to express anger, sorrow, lament, thanksgiving, joy, and worshipful praise. They are as relevant today as they were to the ancient peoples who first composed them. (Elder Scott Loveless)



Pastor’s Book Club

Of the world’s major religions, only Christianity holds to a doctrine of original sin. Ideas are powerful, and they shape who we are and who we become. The fact that many Christians believe there is something in human nature that is and will always be contrary to God, is not just a problem but a tragedy.  Original Blessing shows how we got this doctrine wrong but how we can put sin back in its rightful place: in a broader context of redemption and the blessing of humanity’s creation in the image of God. (Revs. Caitlan and Joel)


Celebrating Sabbath

Residents of all faiths are invited to consider Sabbath as a celebration, not a day of dreary formality; as God’s intent for all of creation includes busy women, too; as a time to surrender unhealthy striving and frantic busyness and instead trust that God will provide; as a day devoted to community and justice and not exclusively to self-care. (Rev. Joel)


Spiritual Growth Group

In this classic theological treatise, the acclaimed theologian and religious leader Howard Thurman (1900-1981) demonstrates how the gospel may be read as a manual of resistance for the poor and disenfranchised. Jesus is a partner in the pain of the oppressed, and the example of His life offers a solution to ending the descent into moral nihilism. Hatred does not empower–it decays. Only through self-love and love of one another can God’s justice prevail. (Member led)


Interpretations Bible Study: Philippians & Galatians

Hear Paul’s passion in the letters to the Philippian and Galatian congregations. Together these letters provide a compelling portrait of a complex original thinker who probably was the most significant missionary of his day.  Like Paul, find yourself called to a fresh vision of what God is doing in the world and to participate in the crucified body of Christ. (Rev. Joel)



Faith Matters

Presbyterian and Faith Life Church men open the door to free dialog to make faith matter in our church, our homes, and our everyday lives as men of faith. This group meets at Minary’s Dream Alliance on American Legion Road. (Rev. Joel)




Later in Spring 2023…

Spiritual Growth Group

A thin place is where God and humanity meet mysteriously. Join us and explore those times and holy places of transformation. Inspired by faith and guided by spiritual practices, we experience each thin place as a point of departure on a sacred journey to a truer understanding of who we are meant to be. (Member-led)



The Parables for Today

In an introduction to the main parables of Jesus, the author provides reliable and accessible resources for the study and real-life application of important biblical texts, theological documents, and Christian practices. (Rev. Joel)