Transition Updates


In the coming months, the Transition Team, Session, and Interim Consultant, will post updates regarding where we are in the process of calling our next Head of Staff. We encourage you to check this page, read the monthly newsletter, and check announcements in the bulletins. We will make every effort to be transparent about how things are moving along and what the role of the congregation is as we go.

Current Task(s):

Secure guest preachers
Interview and hire a Part-time Interim Consultant

Upcoming Task(s):
Complete congregational mission study
Nominate and elect a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)

Update from Transition Team - July 17, 2018

PCC is a very young congregation within one of the oldest Presbyteries in the United States. From our beginning we have challenged "the way things have always been done". After Presbytery declined to help us establish a church here in Chestertown, we organized ourselves into a viable congregation under the direction of a retired Presbyterian pastor and then petitioned Presbytery to receive us.

Now we are attempting to deal with transition time in an original way without a traditional interim pastor but with a Part-Time Interim Consultant and a congregational administration team. That does not mean that the Presbyterian Way of transition is wrong. Our denomination understands the necessity of "break time". We need time to re-group, re-think, and re-imagine.


Organizations that fail to provide this time have learned that members are generally unwilling to accept new leadership, always comparing the 'new' to the 'former' - with the 'new' generally failing to measure up. "The way we've always done it" is held tighter, and resistance makes for dissatisfied and resentful attitudes on all sides.


Interim time is essential to smooth transition. Our plan incorporates both continuation in the persons of Pastor Caitlan Gartland and Pastor John Ames and 'new' in the person of an interim staff member who will guide us through transition and prepare us to eventually call a new senior pastor. This period is expected to take about a year. During this time we will also host many guest preachers in our pulpit. Please help make them feel welcome.


In the meantime, every member of the congregation will have the opportunity to participate in gathering data for the Mission Study, a requirement that provides the basis for the work of the Pastor Nominating Committee, which will be recommended by the standing Nominating Committee, and elected by the Congregation some time later in the fall.


Patience. Participation. Prayer. These are the 3 P's of transition time, and we can all practice (is that a 4th P?) them to make this transition time an opportunity for congregational growth.

Dave Menzie, Jim O'Harrah, Lanny Parks, Ralph Surrette, and Lansing Williams

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